Friday, October 24, 2008


Hi! I'm taking a hiatus from LaRuminator for a while. When I return, it'll be more aesthetically pleasing and less wack.

Some things worth pointing out:

1. At the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise show at The Space last Wednesday, Jeff Mangum was not present. Just so you know. But I've been fairly annoyed with the fact that however awesome the songs of The Olivia Tremor Control; The Music Tapes; Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't; Nana Grizol; Elf Power and The Gerbils frequently are, so much attention to this tour has been focused on this possibility that Jeff Mangum might show up. Don't get me wrong: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is probably one of my absolute favorite albums ever, too, but this does not mean Scott Spillane and Julian Koster's ramshackle trumpet/accordion arrangement of Aeroplane instrumental "The Fool" was worth more hushed reverence than Bill Doss and Koster's beautiful vocal/12-string electric guitar/singing saw arrangement of OTC's "No Growing (Exegesis)." For example. And how about yourself? Can you appreciate this crazy-ass sing-along campfire-style revue for what it's worth? Or do you need the brief appearance of a reclusive genius to truly enjoy it?

2. Gringo Star's All Y'all and their live show are equally awesome. I have never seen them tighter and more assertive than they were at BAR on Sunday. Seems like the psych-pop element of their sound is seeping out in place of a broader-reaching retro-rock sort of thing.

3. Why weren't you at the Griefs show at Cafe Nine? Were you unaware this band has better songs than the vast majority of garage rock bands out there right now?

4. On a political note, my friend Joe Killian, a reporter in Greensboro, NC, was kicked and knocked over by a McCain supporter while reporting a McCain/Palin rally where Sarah Palin was speaking. (Keep in mind Joe is about six feet tall and kind of jacked, and he trained as a boxer through most of his college years.) Meanwhile, this young woman in Pittsburgh made up a bunch of junk about getting jumped by an Obama supporter, and now everyone knows about her lies. Sigh.

See you in the future.