Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Black Noise Scam at Rudy's tonight. Personally, I'm thrilled for singer Jeffrey T. from The Elm City. He's been trying to get a band together for about as long as I've known him and I'm glad the band that's stuck has been this -- four guys with a clearly deep knowledge of early punk rock and old-school hardcore, throwing down like something in The Decline of Western Civilization, Part I. Jeff jumped off the stage a number of times, sometimes climbing on tables and sometimes barrelling through the crowd. It can be difficult to get an audience at Rudy's (where people tend to place a priority on hanging out, rather than digging bands) engaged in a show, and I don't know if Black Noise Scam really did that, though if they didn't, it's of no fault of their own -- the audience simply might've been too grown-up or too cool to pick up what they were throwing down. It's not for the band's lack of trying. They were noticeably tight and remained true to the punk template to which they subscribe.

Broken played next, and while I was escorting a friend back home during their set, I missed much of it, but what I heard was as heavy and as hardcore-punk as anything I've known them to ever do. These guys are pros at their thing.

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